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Special Movie Review | tesmedia.net

Movie: Special
Cast: Ajay, Ranga, Akshata, Santhosha
Banner: Nandalal Creations
Director: Vasthav
Release Date: 21/06/2019
Rating: 3.25/5

Ajay is one of the most versatile actors in the Telugu Film Industry. He has got many accolades for his incredible performances in many movies. Now, he turned a hero for a low budget “Super” thriller movie. This movie hit the screens today and let us find out how Ajay did it as a hero.

The main story revolves around the mind-reading technique. The story is about one man who avenges traitors by touching them to read their minds and a ruthless police officer (Ajay) who wants to solve this mysterious murder cases. Ranga (Debut) acted in the Mind reader role. They both nailed it in their respective roles.

The main strength of this film is the story itself. Unexpected sequences, twists and wonderful dialogues are cherries on top. A rib-tickling love story and thrilling investigative sequences are plus points in the film.
We rarely see this kind of genre in our Telugu films. Breath Taking screenplay and an amazing performance from Ajay made it a great film. Just 30 mins before interval bang will mesmerize the audience.

The main negative aspect of this story is…Budget. Undoubtedly makers didn’t invest proper money into this project. This would have been a crazy thriller if executed correctly.
Another main drawback is the lake of the talented cast. Except for Ajay and Ranga, no one in the film performed up to the mark.
Poor Direction, poor production values, and many poor technical values led to poor output.

Over All:
This is an exceptional story with poor execution with good background score and a Special performance from Lead actor Ajay.

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