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Saaho is most technically advanced film ever produced in India: says Prabhas

Saaho | tesmedia.net

Prabhas became a universal star after Bahubali. The entire country is now waiting for his next super action thriller Saaho. The trailer of his new film raised the bars to the sky-high and this will break the all possible box office records: according to some trade experts.

In a recent interview, he shared some of his experiences regarding his way of action, about the scale of Saaho, and how he worked hard to look lean for Saaho.

He said he is quite confident doing action and giving silent expressions as well as close-up shots. “I go easy with the swagger and convey a lot with my eyes. I am not that confident with my dialogue delivery and am constantly working on that,” Prabhas revealed to a news agency, on how he goes about creating the alpha male image for the screen.

“I wanted to do something small after Bahubali. We shot for the two ‘Baahubali’ films over five years. So, initially, I wanted to do something easy-breezy,” he said.

However, when the script of ‘Saaho’ came up, the actor could not resist. “We started planning the film with a budget of 150 crore rupees. Then slowly we developed the script and especially the action sequences, and that made us expand the budget to 350 crore rupees. We cannot deliver a bad quality of VFX, we are looking for excellence.”

Regarding his Physique in Saaho:
“I had hardly five months after Bahubali. I was quite masculine at that time but to be in action films, one has to look clean and lean with proper action film’s physique. So, I turned myself into a veggy during that period. It was quite difficult for me and my family (smiles.) but the results were satisfying.”

‘Saaho’ is one of the most technically-advanced films ever produced in India. The film has been shot with IMAX cameras and has the look and feel of a Hollywood film.

Saaho will hit the screens all over the world on 30th of Agust

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